Graphy | Become a Rockstar by Shantanu Arora
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Shantanu Arora is an expert Guitarist and an award-winning music director. In his 24 years of Guitar playing journey,he has composed several songs, featuring in English and Hindi language in the media. He has been conferred with the Karma Veer Chakra Award for Music by the Government of India and United Nations LAMP for his immense work in the field of music.
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Become a Rockstar
This Graphy will set the student on way to playing the guitar be it the acoustic or the electric guitar within no time. It will provide for a perfect balance between exploring the instrument, performance technique, and music theory to get students playing the guitar in the earliest possible timeframe. Students who have been hesitant picking up the instrument can confidently pick up the instrument and learn through the easy-access foundation and detailed chapters.The seven techniques of playing the guitar covered in the course, namely lead, chords, rhythm, plucking, fingerstyle picking, flamenco, and percussive style will further enhance the student's guitar playing abilities. Learning the technique of lead or soloing can help students carve out their place in a band wherein they can play the melodies in a song. This Graphy is also poised to provide students the theoretical knowledge about chord, compositions, learning how to compose music, staff notation, harmonization, and understanding melody and beats. After successful completion of this course, students can gear themselves for the next level Graphy created by Shantanu Arora. Shantanu Arora Has been Conferred the KaramaVeer Chakra by the government of India in the field of music. He has studied at Trinity London College of music clearing the grade 8 level which is the highest in the world. He has been teaching over 14 years now and has trained over 5000 students so far.
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