Graphy | Become a Lucid Dreamer – The Foundation of Dream Yoga by Peter Torok
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Lucid dreaming expert -Over 600 lucid dreams since 2010 -Received Dream Yoga initiation fromChogyal Rinpoche (Karma Kagyu Buddhism) -Specialization of entering lucid dreams from meditation in the form of conscious transition (W.I.L.D. method) -Expertise in dream interpretation, eliminating nightmares and dream herbs -Dream yoga practice, e.g.: meditation in lucid dreams, clearing the dream & manifestation -Advanced dream control skills, e.g.: summoning persons, going through walls, flying
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Become a Lucid Dreamer – The Foundation of Dream Yoga
Discover your Inner Self! Manifest in OBE & Astral Projection! Meditation MP3s and expert feedback. What does Lucid Dreaming feel like? You may experience previously unseen colours, sounds, scenery, surprising interactions and 100 fold amplified blissful feelings. Spoken language proves to be insufficient to explain this. In lucid dreams, and `astral projection` things behave differently. One may be in multiple places at the same time and have multiple points of view simultaneously.It is like going beyond three dimensions. In the state when we are conscious beyond our wakeful body, everything is controlled by thought, intention and expectation. One moves around by thinking/wanting to do so and experiences things by intending them to manifest. It may sounds mystical, but the number of people who have this skill is growing fast. Would you like to dream about anything you want, while being 100% self-aware, exactly as you are in your wakeful life? This Graphy shows you how to realize that you are in a dream world and how to change things as you see fit. Fly, meet a special person or revisit memories: just as you have seen in Inception or The Matrix. It is your inner space to create and experience anything you want.
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