Graphy | Basics of Strength and Conditioning (Malayalam) by Musthafa Kamal Promk
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Musthafa Kamal (ProMK) is an Indian fitness YouTuber, vlogger, and fitness entrepreneur who is regarded as one of the most widely recognized Keralite football fitness personalities on the internet.Following his online success, he founded Promk Sports & Fitness, which offers affordable but high-quality online courses that include the ‘Footballer Mind and Body Transformation Program’, etc. He is also a co-owner of LUCA Soccer Club Malappuram, a professional club that is well known in Kerala.
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Basics of Strength and Conditioning (Malayalam)
If you are a player, coach, or a person who is passionate about the fitness, and strength & conditioning of the human body, then this Graphy is for you. In this Graphy you will learn the Basics of Muscle anatomy, the Importance of Strength and Conditioning, Psychology of Strength and Conditioning, Nutrition, etc.
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