Graphy | Basics of Analytical Chemistry (Hindi) by Dr. Puspendra Kumar
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Dr. Puspendra Kumar is working as eContent Head cum Associate Professor at KIET Group of Institutions,Delhi NCR. He is Ph.D. in Pharmacy from Birla Institute of Technology and having more than 10 years of teaching and research experience. An educator in YouTube with 100K+ subscribers. He has authored 4 books and published more than 20 research/ review articles. He has delivered many invited lectures at national level events. He has received "Innovative Teaching Award" and qualified GATE.
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Basics of Analytical Chemistry (Hindi)
Analytical Chemistry is the integral part of science specially if we are talking about pharma industry, chemical industry, biotechnology industry, food industry and even in the field of research & development. This Graphy will cover almost every important analytical techniques like which includes: 1. Overview and Classification of Analytical Chemistry 2. Important terms in analytical Chemistry 3. Acid-Base Titrations 4. Non aqueous Titrations 5. Precipitation Titrations 6.Complexometric Titrations 7. Redox Titrations 8. Gravimetric Analysis 9. Electrochemical Methods 10. UV-Visible Spectroscopy 11. Infrared Spectroscopy 12. NMR Spectroscopy 13. Mass Spectrometry 14. Chromatography 15. Electron Microscopy 16. X-ray Spectroscopy 17. Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy 18. Flame Photometry 19 Electrophoresis 20. Miscellaneous Methods (Diazotization Titrations, Karl Fischer, Kjeldahl)
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