Graphy | Badminton ABC's with Coach Kennie by Kennie Asuncion
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Kennie Asuncion is a professional badminton coach who was formerly ranked number one in women's singles and women's doubles in the Philippines,and number 11 in mixed doubles in the world during her career as a badminton athlete.
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Badminton ABC's with Coach Kennie
If you want to learn how to play the fastest racket sport in the world, The ABC's of Badminton will not only give you the basics, it will also give you a headstart on how to be the best player you can be. This Graphy will start you off on the right foot as you learn this fast-paced and exciting sport. It includes: 1. The rules of the game for singles and doubles 2. How to choose your racket 3. What to wear on the court 4.The right footwork -Covering the frontcourt -Covering the backcourt -Footwork for defense 5. How to serve 6. How to execute the basic strokes -Clear or lob -Drive -Smash -Drop shot -Net shot 7. Home exercises to improve your game
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