Graphy | Accent Like A Boss by David Rajaraman
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English Speaking & Fluency Coach since 2012 Speaker of 4 Languages Career Coach & Mentor Citizenof The World
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Accent Like A Boss
Accent Like A Boss is the most comprehensive and complete program to help learners acquire the best accent and pronunciation they have ever had. (And that's a promise that can be put to the test!) Join David from and unlock the full potential of your articulation system, with the help of detailed diagrams showing the exact movement of your tongue, mouth, jaw and lips. In this Graphy,you will get: - All 44 of the English sounds explained in detail as muscular movements. - 44 unique practice sentences to train the muscular movements for each sound, together with transitions to other sounds. - The truth about how accents and pronunciation relate to each other. - All major accent variations so that you can communicate effortlessly with English speakers from all over the world. - How to develop a smoother and more natural rhythm by linking and blending words. - Training strategies to develop the best accent and pronunciation you have ever had.
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