Graphy | Ableton Live: Begginer's Guide by 0five.
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Ofive is a new brand that wants to help artists succeed in the music business. We have producers with over than 7 years in the music industry who can provide a great service.We try to help artists especially in the EDM scene, that's why since our beginning we have expanded quickly to cover as many social networks as possible. We have free content where you can find tutorials and motivational messages or tips for artists (YT and Instagram) and paid content like courses, private tutorials, mixing and mastering services and ghost productions.
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Ableton Live: Begginer's Guide
In these days, people want to be an artist and start making his/her own music with a digital software. Want to be a music producer? We have more than 7 years on the industry and over than 300 songs finished. With that experience we can recommend to use Ableton as a professional software for making digital music. You will learn how to use the DAW. We will talk about: - Arrangement - Live Session - MIDI - Audio - Effects (Like EQ,Compressor and others) - Many more! Get started now!
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