Graphy | 8 must-haves for a CONFIDENT woman by DEEPTI MALHOTRA
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I'm a Personal Growth writer who has been writing for 5 years. I use my life experiences and knowledge acquired from reading hundreds of books to teach people how to deal with life's challenges.I'm also a Life Coach and have been coaching people to navigate difficult situations in their life,  accomplish goals and figure out answers they're struggling with. The purpose of my work is to inspire people to live a life that is joyful and meaningful which is why I call myself a Happiness Catalyst.
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8 must-haves for a CONFIDENT woman
Deepti Malhotra is a life coach whose journey began as a young 12 year old who wanted to grow up to make this world a more equal place for girls like her who she believed didn’t get the same opportunities, resources or platform to realise their dreams like men did. She has been avid student of personal growth who has shared her ideas and life’s lessons on social media (@authoringhappiness on IG) for many years now.Her work brought in her contact with young girls and women who wanted to gain confidence needed to speak up for themselves, demand what they deserve both at home and in professional spaces and go out into the world knowing that they can also live the life they aspire for without fearing what others would say or think about them. She has developed this graphy with the goal to help women acquire 8 essential qualities (self-love, courage, self-awareness, conviction, ownership, self-worth, mental independence and confidence) that will help them become the most confident version of themselves they have ever known. If you’re ready to up your confidence and take charge of your life, hop on for an exciting ride!
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