Graphy | 101 of Food Photography: Stop Motions & More by Raashi Rege
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Hello guys!! I am Raashi and i love eating, traveling anf clicking. I have always loved baking,styling and obviously eating desserts and also enjoy food styling and photography. My videos will showcase a lot of techniques to shoot and also to style food for restaurants and other FnB Brands along with unique techniques to shoot and gain an edge.
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101 of Food Photography: Stop Motions & More
In this Graphy, Raashi, a Food Photographer, Food Stylist and Owner of the Food Blog "Eat Travel Click", shares her secrets on understanding what food photography is while guiding you through the basics and making you an advanced level photographer by the end. She will also teach you stop motions while using your phone without the requirement of any fancy softwares. The Chapters are curated such that they cover all important aspects on food photography like lighting, composition, angles,props, backdrops and cameras. Food photography is an art that can also be executed through your mobile phone and still deliver wondrous results. If you are a novice or a master, you can always learn more and slowly become the best with practice and guidance. Purchasing this Graphy gives you access to all the chapters, quizzes and tips from Raashi.
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